NA Kayak Trips

Come On Out!! Kayak with us!!! On the Willamette River-Sellwood River Side Park.  Northwest River Guides and Sam Drevo are partnering with Andy Maser and Epicocity to take action on the water. Forming a floating 350, images will be captured just north of the Sellwood Bridge.  We will be speaking out for the Holgate Channel and celebrating paddle sports!  We have 20 whitewater boats, 12 rec and sea kayaks, and a few IK.  Bring your own boat, and tell your friends… this is a great, free opportunity to paddle around with the pros.  Paddle boards encouraged.  At Sellwood Park 6:30 on the water by 7pm… Images to be captured between 7:15-7:30pm!!! Come one come all!!! Come Kayak with us!!!!!  This probably isn’t for anyone under 10.  If you have specific questions call John Whipple at 419.601.1405