Somehow we pulled it off.  Spelling 350 with Kayaks on the Willamette River Thursday Aug 6th.  We brought 32 kayaks for the event but had no idea how many people would actually show.  We usually have about 10 people for our skills socials every thursday, and after a number of phone calls I thought we would easily have enough bodies for  32 kayaks.  Unfortunately the weather decided to get cloudy and chilly, and after a number of last minute no shows we were scraping together barely enough people to create the 350…


I figured we needed a minimum of 14…. we only had 12 at 7pm.  But by 7:30pm as the paddlers got on the water we had a few last minute stragglers show up and we ended up with 19 people.  Enough to make the visual statement to the country that Epicocity means business, and this nationwide event is going to happen Oct. 24th.  I look forward to being involved in this next 350.org kayak action.