To Friends of Clif Bar,

If you love peanut butter, like we do, these are tough times. As you may have already heard, Clif Bar has voluntarily pulled products containing peanut butter and peanut ingredients off store shelves for a short period of time.

Here’s more on our voluntary recall from Gary & Kit, co-owners of Clif Bar & Company, talking about the challenge we face and what we’re doing about it as a Company.

To be extra-cautious and with your safety in mind, we encourage you to look at your pantry—whether you have CLIF BARs or any other product on the voluntary recall list:

Feel free to read more information at

Thanks for your continued support and confidence in us. We’ll be making fresh batches of your favorite peanut butter flavors and delivering them to a store near you soon.

-The People at Clif Bar