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In February I was invited by the 5 Rivers Metro Parks in Dayton Ohio to do a keynote address at the Adventure Summit.  The event was held at Wright State University, and Jonny Mosely was the Celebrity attraction.  As I drove up to the event, dumptrucks where dropping the last loads of snow out front of the student center for the Rail Jam.  Johnny Mosely was MCing the warm ups, and I was exctied to share images, videos, and stories about my recent adventures.  Wright State is a cutting edge university for disabled sports. They have underground tunnells between buildings to be ADA compliant and they were very interested in the Team River Runner program that we had recently taken to Costa Rica.  Kevin Pannell flew in to give a first hand account of his experience as a bi-lateral amputee, and to inspire all with his story.  I ended up MC’ing a flatwater freestyle, and throwing a few ends myself- dispite my recovering shoulder injury.

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I gave several talks including a multi media presentation about The Last Descent Expedition of Yong Bao Gorge on the Mekong River in SW Yunnan China (a trip we organized in 2006), Exploring the Upper Minus Rapids on the Zambezi River in Africa (a matchstick production), and our Team River Runner Expedition to Costa Rica.  I also gave a short talk about the “Down the River Cleanup” on the Clackamas River.  All in all it was a great trip, and met some wonderful people in the adventure capital of the mid west.