This adventure transpired last Friday when the river levels we high yet receeding. The level was perfect for Outlet Falls in Yakima WA.  This 69 foot waterfall had icicles everywhere, and the young guns of OR were ready for some action.  Eric Boomer, and LJ Grot were all smiles.


I was asked to shoot video at the lip of this monster for Gearbox HD, and it seemed like a paperazzi event with Nate and Heather Herbeck on the scout/beta and filming mission, Richard Hallman on stills with Jed Weingarten, and Charley Munsey hanging off the cliff in different areas, Ryan Scott was there shooting, and Ben Stokesberry and crew showed up just at the right time.


This is a shot from the bottom of Ben Stokesberry.  I snuck down there after I got the shot from the edge.  I had to rappel down to the lip.


It was a snowy day, but this shot of LJ Groth really adds perspective for the enormity off the place.  Way to go boys.  Can you believe this is only 1.5 hours from Portland.  My hometown never ceases to amaze me.

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