In an attempt to document my last few months on this blog, I have to share an experience that occurred right before I went to Costa Rica.  I got the call from Gearbox HD that Legacy Films was looking for a water man that could shoot the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Tow In Surf Competition in Lincoln City OR.  Having never seen or heard of 15+ foot surfable waves in Oregon, I was intrigued… albet a little bit excited too.  At the end of November, I was not expecting good weather, so I was stoked as I drove threw McMinnville OR under blue skys.  But right before I hit the coast, I drove into a cloud bank that never ceased.  When I finally made it to the beach, I couldn’t see more than 100 feet in front of me… but I could hear, and feel the pounding surf.  After the competitors meeting, I realized that this event was going to be the real deal.  World famous surfers from all over were flying in for the event.  By midnight, miraculously, the fog lifted.  The event was scheduled for early start the following morning.  Up at 5am, gathering gear, it wasn’t until around 7am that I realized the waverunners were launching off the beach… in 12 foot close out beach break.  Oh what fun…. Well, the other thing that I was ignorant about was how powerful the waverunners were.  It enabled us to easily wip out to Nelscott Reef where the waves were breaking.


You want to talk about humbling… wow. trying to work a HD p2, while white knuckling on the back of a wave runner in swell that peaked at 18 feet at 20 seconds.  Thanks to great drivers, I survived the experience, and got some incredible shots.   Thanks to Richard Hallman at for providing these jpgs for this blog.


This is just one more reason why I LOVE OREGON!!!!  To check out the Nelscott Reef Film trailor – Claim go to