I first got an email from Casey Dale with bungee.com that alerted me of the massive shift in wood on Canyon Creek.  The vantage point, from his bridge (200 feet off the river) showed a lodgejam that started at Terminator Rapid, and extended all the way through the bottom of the gorge (almost a quarter mile).  I couldn’t believe how much wood was in there- looked like close to 1,000,000 board feet.  I know that Canyon Creek is in a clearcut zone in Amboy WA, and it has a remarkable “fast up, fast down” flow regiment  of clearcut areas.

Canyon Cr. 1-12-09  003

But it wasn’t until my friends Jed Weingarten and Ross Henry cruized up to the river to get a first hand account of what had really happened that it became clear that there had been a huge landslide about 4 miles upstream of the putin.

Canyon Cr. 1-12-09  094

I don’t think that this log jam is going to come out any time soon.  But mother nature has never ceased to amaze me… so only time will tell.  To check out more of Jed’s photography check out www.jedweingarten.com