Come explore the Columbia River through the Hanford nuclear reserve.  This trip is one of the most amazing flatwater trips we offer complete with the knowledgeable river stewards on around- CRK!

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Columbia Riverkeeper announces the release of Hanford and the River, a 22-page publication that explains the impact of the Hanford Nuclear Site on the Columbia River.  The richly illustrated, educational book opens with the following questions:

Is Hanford nuclear waste polluting the Columbia River?

What are the human health impacts?

Why is cleanup taking so long, and when will it be done?

How did Washington end up with the nation’s most polluted place?

What can we do about it?

“Hanford is a mystery to a lot of people,” stated Brett VandenHeuvel, Executive Director of Columbia Riverkeeper.  “This guide breaks it down so you don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to understand it.  We explain the Manhattan Project history, current pollution problems, clean-up actions, and threats to salmon and human health.”

“The historical photos are fascinating and the depiction of nuclear waste entering the Columbia today brings the problem home.  This is important information for anyone who cares about the Columbia.” [local business]

Riverkeeper offers the guide free of charge to the public and local schools.  In addition, Riverkeeper gives educational presentations on the history of Hanford and the latest clean-up efforts.  .

“The guide provides a great overview of the complex nuclear concerns on the Columbia and makes it accessible through a combination of data, illustrations and anecdotes,” stated Kieran Connolly, an teacher in Hood River, OR.  “While presenting on Hanford at my school, Columbia Riverkeeper accommodated a wide range of different learning styles and abilities.”

“We need to clean up the Hanford nuclear waste, plain and simple,” VandenHeuvel explained.  “If people forget about Hanford, our future generations will suffer because the pollution will get worse.”

To obtain a free copy of Hanford and the River guide, or to request a presentation, call 541 387-3030 or email Kelly Nokes at

Columbia Riverkeeper is a citizen group working to protect and restore the Columbia River and all life connected to it.  Riverkeeper fights to reduce toxic pollution and restore the basic river rights of catching and eating fish with your family and swimming on a hot summer day.  The organization has the largest volunteer water quality monitoring program in the Pacific Northwest.  Since 1989, Riverkeeper (then Columbia River United) has been a strong public voice for thorough Hanford cleanup