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Whitewater Instruction


Take advantage of the prestine Oregon rivers all year round! We recommend this sequence of four classes to see visible progression catered towards your specific interests. Our world class instructors focus on proper paddling technique from your first stroke to buying your very own boat. While there is a prefered progression, classes may be taken out of order and repeated as needed. An emphasis on self preservation skills aims at minimizing your risk of injury, turning kayaking into a worthwhile investment that lasts well beyond these introductory classes.


Weekends, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Willamette, Clackamas, and Santiam Rivers


Beginner - Intermediate


$125 per session and additional perks if you book all four class at once.

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Our Progression

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Whitewater Basics


Kayaking is a language of expression. In order to communate concepts, you will learn the basic terminology for your boat, paddle, and river to set up reference points for further instruction.


Strokes are what is needed to get down the river. Paddle dexterity helps you to control the movement of your boat. These basic strokes can then be transfered from flatwater to whitewater.

Water Comfort

Self preservation is important with regards to safety. You will become comfortable swimming down rapids, being upside-down in a kayak, and self rescue to be able to push your boundaries and try new things!

Whitewater Hydrology

River Features

What makes a river fun? Understand different hazards and obstacles that make up a rapid. River awareness is important for staying in control when on the water.


Safetly navegate whitewater through scouting different lines. From the easiest route to some challenging fun, this is vital skill for exploring new rivers.

Comlex Currents

Build on your basic skills by using complex currents to your advantage. Hydro physics is a fascinating aspect of kayaking both inside and outside the boat.

Whitewater Technique

Complex Strokes

Complex currents requires stroke combinations and modifications. Build upon the backbone of kayaking and add your own style by adapting to whatever the river throws at you!

Surfing and Playing

We will develop surfing and eddy-hopping skills which is where the fun of kayaking is at. Additionally, playing on easier whitewater increases the level of difficulty while minimizing the level of risk.

Good Posture

Good posture reduces the risk of injury, allowing you to paddle until you grow old. Also, posture improves strength and endurance - preparing you for bigger whitewater.

Whitewater Safety


Self preservation is a key component of minimizing risks you take. You will learn how to rescue yourself as well as others to help keep the community safe.


A part of safety is proper planning. Understand the conditions you are kayaking in as well as the logistics surrounding shuttles, communication, and emergencies.

Future Planning

Now that you have completed all four classes, let us help you pick out a kayak and gear that suits your interests! Then, enjoy paddling with us and with your friends!

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The meetup location is at our Oregon City shop (Clackamette Drive, Oregon City OR 97045) right below the beautiful Willamette Falls!

Fun for all ages

We do offer tandem kayaks for a child to partner with an adult. Call eNRG Kayaking for accomodations regarding age, dependent on prior experiences.


Contact us if you have additional questions!
(503) 772 - 1122

You should bring synthetic swimwear, sunscreen, a filled water bottle, lunch, and closed toed shoes that stay on while swimming. We recommend children have their own rash guard during the summer and a wetsuit/drysuit during the winter. Additionally, participants should have their own personal drybag. These items are available for rent / purchase.

We provide the boat, helmet, paddle, skirt, lifejacket, and wetsuit needed to paddle. Additionally, we have a throwbag and first aid kid with us at all times. Drysuits and personal dry bags are available to rent.

In most cases, eNRG Kayaking will have a shuttle driver to drop boats and people off at the put in, leaving cars at the take out. Sometimes, we may need assistance with shuttle by leaving your car at the take out and the instructor’s car at the put in.

Just click any book now button which will lead you to a calendar of available dates. Pick one that works for you and from their you can select one of the four classes. Then, either make it a private class or leave it open for the public and enlist under the class type that you selected. Be sure to register fast as the first person to register for a certain date gets to pick the class type.

We require a minimum of two people to run the class. If you are the only person signed up, you may either pay to make it a private lesson ($250), reschedule to another date, or recieve credit for a future event.

eNRG Kayaking prioritizes creating a personalized progression for you. Your instructor will call you prior to your class to evaulate your interests and get your height, weight, and shoe size for sizing equipment. This information will be confidential.

We will provide credit, free rescheduling, or a 75% refund with more than 21 days in notice. Classes you cancel 14 days prior are subject to a 50% refund or credit, and cancellations occuring less than 14 days are non-refundable. We do not prorate tuition for days missed due to illness or injury.

Physical distancing will be maintained when possible. Masks will be worn when students are within 6 feet of each other. Temperatures willbe check on arrival and hand sanitizer will be available to wash hands both before and after meals. Equipment wil be washed after use. Parents will drive children to the river when possible to minimize shuttles. There will be no overnights.