Last night I taught the flatwater skills session/pool class for our Advanced Whitewater Seminar.  This class has been my favorite to teach through the winter.  It is designed for intermediate and and advanced whitewater kayakers who are looking to make a significant improvement in their skills and technical paddling ability.  Chris, Linda and David are so much fun to teach and paddle with.  They are super enthusiastic, excited about learning, determined and always asking me difficult questions.  Just teaching this class has helped me improve my own paddling quite significantly.  Last night we worked on bracing, the Hand-of-God Rescue and some advanced paddling strokes- the C-Stroke, Gliding Draw, the Cross-bow Draw and the Reverse Compound Stroke.  On Saturday we have our scheduled river trip for January.  I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

The Seminar Classes (Intermediate, Advanced and Creeking) are the best thing we do for experienced kayakers looking to step their game up to the next level.  Students participate in a progression of classes, 2 per month, and build solid time with their instructor.  This provides incredbile opportunity for advancement by developing skills over time, rather than trying to compress learning.    Check these classes out, they are a blast!