International Expeditions

While eNRG Kayaking calls the Pacific Northwest our home, we travel internationally on a regular basis to explore waters all over the globe.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Africa – Zambezi / White Nile Expedition

Call or E-Mail for trip schedule and cost

[EXPAND Come discover the Everest of Rivers in Africa! (Click to Expand)]This eNRG’s eighth international expedition is the first to the continent of Africa, but has been designed to be the best whitewater kayak African expedition available in the world (suitable for class III/IV paddlers with reliable rolls). September is one of the best times to visit the Zambezi, because low water allows for consistent flow, and the Nile is incredible year round. Expect huge waves, large open rapids, and huge wildlife. September is one of the best times to Safari in Africa because it is the dry season. eNRG’s Zambezi expert Johnny Rama owned a kayak school on the Zambezi River for almost a decade in the late 80s, early 90s, and is married to a Zambian woman which has given him insights unavailable to tourists. His intimate knowledge of the river and the surrounding region will bring to light insights of a local. Extreme Kayak Champion and the director of eNRG (Sam Drevo) will accompany the trip as a head guide on the river, and the expedition photographer. We will uncover the mystery of the Nile with help from our cadre of experts lead by Polly Green- Adventure film maker, and expert kayak instructor, Dale Jardine (who owns an island on the Nile), and Steve Fisher (ranked by paddler magazine as the worlds best whitewater kayaker- and also owns an island on the river). We will explore the upper, and lower river where we will find huge class III-IV rapids. We will stay on an island on the lower river for several days that has just been developed into a wilderness sanctuary right next to the Nile Special play wave.

“Come one, come all,” says Johnny, the Zam (as its known to locals) has a little something for everybody- beginners, intermediates and experts alike. We will have a chance to warm up as a group, and practice in safe and controlled areas until the skills and competency of each paddler shows the level needed to maneuver safely through the gorges. Although you have probably seen videos of the raging river, there are “sane” lines that are class III through almost the entire gorge. And the opportunity to portage is always there at low water. “Africa IS a life changing and amazing journey for anybody wanting the crème of the crop whitewater!” says Johnny. “An adventure of a lifetime!”

Johnny Rama has a passion for spending time in very wild, and remote places. He put the “e” in eNRG kayaking. Paddling whitewater since 1985, he began his career as an expedition leader in California. Since then he has been searching for “the source” of pure energy through his Qui Gong and Yoga practice where he teaches at Krapalu (the nations largest yoga training center) and Canyon Ranch in the Birkshires of Massachussetts. His love for rivers led Rama around the globe several times, and a deep inner practice of meditation, and Qui Gong has enabled Johnny to find hidden treasures that not only exsist in deep canyons and jungles of the earth, but in ourselves.[/EXPAND]

Costa Rica Whitewater 

Price: $2995.00 (does not include airfare)

Dates and Availability: Dec 3-10th (8 spots available), Dec 10 to Dec 17 (On Request). We also organize custom trips year round.

[EXPAND Travel to Costa Rica for a unique active adventure (Click to Expand)]Lead by expert American kayakers and whitewater experts, eNRG Kayaking and Northwest River Guides has created a unique active adventure that combines adventure on land with the best whitewater experiences possible.

Unlike other outfitters, our adventure is designed to spend the least amount of time in transit, and the most amount of time on Costa Rican rivers and in the surf. With warm water and lush jungles, great ocean waves and fantastic class II-III whitewater, this is an adventure not to miss.

This multi sport adventure combines mountain canopy tour / hiking / biking with whitewater experiences on the Upper and Lower Naranjo, the Savegre River, Sea Kayaking as well as some hiking, surfing, and cultural tours.


Designed for: Novice and intermediate whitewater kayakers with a solid roll and rafters of any level. No prior experience necessary for rafters. Light hiking.

Whitewater: Upper and Lower Naranjo, Savegre River, Sea Kayak. Visit to Manuel Antonio National Park.

Why you should come: First and foremost, we love Costa Rica and like to have fun! Let us show you the country of Costa Rica by exploring the rivers, the sea, the land, the culture. Second, these trips are lead by experts from the United States with more than 20 years of white water experience. [/EXPAND]

Laos – Southern Mekong Explorer

Price: $3990 7-12 People $3400 depending on party size

Dates: Call or E-Mail for Information

Trip Length: 14 days, 13 nights

[EXPAND Come experience the magic of the Far East in first-class style with Northwest River Guides. (Click to Expand)]”Sah-bai-dee!” Get ready for a truly unique experience that is sure to open your mind and enlighten your spirit. Together we will explore the nearly untouched landscapes and remote villages of southwestern Laos by kayak. We will paddle class III rivers including the SeSet, the Champi and the Mighty Mekong. During our journey we will visit 5th century Khmer Buddhist ruins, stay in a palace built by a Siam Prince and rediscover fallen temples on the back of an ancient elephant. Experience the intense power of the 14km wide Mekong up close and personal – we will explore several channels throughout the land of the 4,000 Islands and paddle with the world’s last pod of fresh water Irrawady dolphins.

14 Days,13 nights (4 nights hotel, 8 nights guest house, 1 night camping)

Designed for: Intermediate Class III whitewater kayakers with a solid roll. Expect class III water throughout most of the trip with options of paddling some class IV.

Cost: 4-6 People $3990 7-12 People $3400[/EXPAND]

Laos – Nam Fa River Expedition

Price: $3990-$3400 depending on party size

Dates: Call or E-Mail for Information

Trip Length: 13 days, 12 nights

[EXPAND The Nam Fa is a remote class IV Whitewater River located in the Golden Triangle area of Northwestern Laos. (Click to Expand)]Flowing from the highlands of Luang Namtha province through a 56-mile pristine section of old growth forests to its confluence with the mighty Mekong River, the Nam Fa offers one of the most pristine tropical river environments left on earth. This is truly one of the most challenging and rewarding river expeditions anywhere in the world. On no other river in Laos can you encounter such abundant wildlife or more pristine forests. As part of the expedition, our in-country guides will be assisting the Wildlife Conservation Society of Laos collect monitoring data on the Asiatic Tiger. Villagers in the Nam Fa area have confirmed tiger sightings and Team eNRG member Brian Eustis was on the first official expedition to assess their numbers.

13 Days, 12 nights (4 nights hotel, 2 nights guest house, 6 nights camping)

Designed for: Experienced, confident Class IV whitewater kayakers with a bombproof roll and rafters of any experience level. Rafters need no prior experience. Expedition style conditions.

Cost: 4-6 People $3990 7-12 People $3400[/EXPAND]

Nepal Expedition

Call or E-Mail for trip schedule and cost

[EXPAND Kayaking Among Giants (Click to Expand)]Before I knew it, we landed in Bangkok, Thailand. Any signs of a lingering sickness were long gone, replaced only by sheer excitement of paddling the mighty Tamur River in Nepal. Five of our group of seven met up with the Far East contingent in Bangkok. Having people that are more accustomed to the Orient made life much easier during the trip. We spent a day in Bangkok, awaiting our flight out to Katmandu, and we made the most of it. What happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok!

Three short hours later, we arrived in Katmandu. Along the way we were awarded with precious views of the eastern Himalayan Mountains, which helped the flight go by all the quicker. Stepping off the plane, the air was noticeably thinner, and the chill in the air reminded us that we were in the shadow of the Himalayas.

Over the next few days, our gear was transported east to the town of Biratnegar. A recent Maoist uprising in the hills had us watching the situation from afar. We didn’t let the concerns keep us from getting the VIP tour of Katmandu by our local friend, Santos Lama. Our group came up with a plan to handle any future run-ins with Maoists. The strategy consisted of keeping our camera gear inconspicuous, and making our best efforts to speak with a kiwi accent. With our plan in place, we made the short regional flight to the town of Biratnegar. While the flight was short, the bus ride that followed made things a little more tedious, and our knuckles a little more white.

The eight hour bus ride deposited us at the start of the Katchenjunga trek. Our first task was to recruit a cadre of local Sherpas to lug our kayaks, rafts, and other gear to the put in. When all was said and done, we had over 50 Sherpas assisting us with our trip. The Sherpas made the majority of us look like wimps. The Nepalis would shoulder 200 pound loads over 40 miles, while we were left with our modest day packs.

On our second day of the trek, we were expecting to run into Maoists, so away went the camera gear, and out came the New Zealand accents. We ended up not running into any Maoists, but we were woken by close to 50 fully armed Napali solders. Thankfully they caused no problems. Trekking along the trail, we passed checkpoints and snipers defending the front. Minutes after descending away from the Nepali Military, we encountered a group of Maoist scouts. The most spectacular view of Katchenjunga loomed over us, but the cameras stayed put and secure. A small “toll” from each of the party members and we were on our way.

Our third night was spent next to a Buddhist Temple and in the shadow of Katchenjunga. After a sampling of the local spirit, Tumba, and a good nights rest, we made the final push down 7,500 feet to the put in. The river was awe inspiring with class III+ water and a playspot right below a bridge. We were chomping at the bit to get on the river.

The next six days left us happy and knowing that it was well worth the trip. We were rewarded with consistent class IV rapids, with a little easy class V thrown in to keep it interesting. The weather couldn’t have been better, 75-85 degrees, and the water was warm and beautiful.

The trip went by with only minor complications, a swim early in the trip, and a raft pin that was expertly rectified by Eric Southwick. Along the river, we passed terraced hillsides, Buddhist Temples, and Nepali children, coming out to see the kayaking spectacle. We camped at the confluence of the Tamur and the Sun Kosi on our last night on the river. A short paddle down stream hooked us up with a Land Cruiser that brought us back to Biratnegar to begin the trip home.[/EXPAND]

Tibet Expedition – Classic Rivers of Eastern Tibet

Price: $4995 (Airfare not included, $500 deposit required to reserve spot)

Dates: Call or E-Mail for information

Trip length: 21 days

[EXPAND An epic journey taking the concept of kayaking road trips to new heights. (Click to Expand)] This classic kayaking expedition will explore the rarely visited region of Eastern Tibet. Eastern Tibet is home to world class rivers such as the Yarlung Tsangpo, Parlung Tsangpo, Po Tsangpo, and a plethora of tributaries. If you are a confident class 4 paddler with prior expedition experience, this trip will blow your mind!

Trip Summary

Beginning in the city of Chengdu in South West China, we meet up with the team and experience our first taste of Sichuan style cuisine. The next day we fly over the dramatic ranges of Eastern Tibet to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. We’ll explore Lhasa for 3 days, sightseeing, acclimatizing and sharing our passion for whitewater with blind kids from the Braille Without Borders school. ( We then leave Lhasa, following the famous Yarlung Tsangpo towards the beginning of the infamous Great Bend. The landscape changes rapidly from Lhasa’s dry plateau to forested lands, then into jungle as we descend towards the deepest gorge on earth. We will paddle selected sections of the mighty Yarlung Tsangpo, avoiding the gnarly class 5 /6 gorges this river is famous for. We then turn north and up over the Serkyim La pass, and into the Po Tsangpo watershed. We’ll paddle classic runs such as the Tong Chu, Parlung Tsangpo, Jepu Tsangpo and even a 12km stretch of the Po Tsangpo itself! Expect medium to big volume runs and continuous, consistent whitewater. We can also explore a number of creeks if you still have energy left!

Expedition Logistics

This expedition is probably the easiest way to access the remote rivers of Eastern Tibet. We use our Green Machine boating bus, a Chinese/Italian mining truck converted into the ultimate road tripping machine with seating for 10 and roof rack space for 12 boats. We also bring a local truck for our camping gear and for getting up rough dirt roads. This trip is entirely road supported so you can paddle light boats and enjoy the luxury of car camping. We use a Tibetan/Nepali support crew so all our meals are prepared for us and once off the river you can relax and enjoy the service!

Eastern Tibet Expedition Itinerary (21 days)

This trip is suitable for class 4 paddlers only. The rivers of East Tibet are spectacular, continuous and serious fun!!

Dates: Arrive Chengdu April 30th, Depart Chengdu May 20th 2007

Day 1: Arrive in Chengdu, transfer to hotel.

Day 2: Fly Chendgu – Lhasa. Transfer to Gorkha hotel. Welcoming dinner.

Day 3: Acclimitisation day. Visit the Jokhang Temple and Barkor market in the morning, before a free afternoon.

Day 4: Visit the Potala Palace in the morning, then an afternoon visit to Sera Monastery to view the monks debating.

Day 5: Kyi Chu river float trip with the blind children from Braille Without Borders.

Day 6: Drive down the Yarlung Tsangpo valley to Gyatsa gorge area. (Above the Great Bend) Paddle Yarlung Tsangpo.

Day 7: Paddle another section of the Yarlung Tsangpo.

Day 8: Drive over Serkyim La to the Tong Chu, we are now in the dramatic watershed of the Po Tsangpo.

Day 9-19: Over the next 10 days we will paddle and explore the major rivers of the Po Tsangpo watershed and Parlung Tsangpo valley. Last year we paddled 15 days in a row out here! The runs are nearly all class 4 granite, medium to big volume. We will plan our days according to the weather, energy and abilities of the group. All runs have vehicle support, so overnight gear in the boats is not necessary!

Day 20: Return to Lhasa (via Kongpo Valley and Mi La pass)

Day 21: Fly out of Lhasa

Note: This itinerary is only an outline and we may change our plans according to weather, energy levels, water levels etc. Our permits will cover the whole area we are traveling in so we have total flexibility with our plans once you have arrived in Lhasa.

Price: $4995 (land cost) Trip starts and finishes in Chengdu, China

Deposit: $500 deposit required to reserve your space (based upon availability- space is limited).[/EXPAND]

India Expedition

Price: $5000 for a single person

Dates: Call or E-Mail for trip information

[EXPAND This is a last descent whitewater expedition – one final chance to see the remarkable Subansiri river that is soon to be dammed. (Click to Expand)] eNRG Kayaking and Northwest River Guides will be making a documentary, highlighting the final days of this river. Come be part of this once-in-a-life time experience.

This unique float down the Subansiri makes an incredible cultural experience and whitewater wilderness journey. While on the water, we will meet the Tagin, Apatani and Adi tribe members of the Lower Subansiri valley. The river starts off fairly flat and then picks up to pool-drop class 2 – 3 before arriving at Gegamukh in the plains of Assam where a dam is under construction.

The Subansiri river in India’s restricted-access state of Arunachal Pradesh is a trans-himalayan river, flowing from the plateau of Tibet to the plains of Assam. It is the fourth largest tributary of the Brahmaputra River, and flows through the Upper and Lower Subansire Districts.

Come be part of our last descent!


Designed for: Novice and intermediate whitewater kayakers with a solid roll. No prior experience necessary for rafters.

Why you should come: It’s a last descent down a river that will no longer exist for future generations. This is a true India expedition that will open your mind to a hidden part of the world This is an adventure you can tell to your grandchildren.

Whitewater: Subansiri River

Dates: November 7 to November 20 – (6 full days of whitewater, 3/4 days of culture/transport)

Price: $5000 for a single sign-up, or $4500 per person with 2 people joining. The first five people to sign up will receive a 10 percent discount.  This trip excludes airfare.[/EXPAND]