Kayaking Classes

Class times and schedules vary based on demand.  Please contact eNRG ((503)772-1122 or enrgkayaking@gmail.com) to attend one of these workshops.  Reservations required for all kayaking classes.

Hardshell Basics, 1.5 hours, $49.00

This class provides an introduction to the basics of paddling a hardshell kayak.

Skills covered include:

  • Proper kayak terminology
  • How to safely exit a kayak
  • Basic safety principles

Our professional instructors use traditional teaching methods, as well as skill building games to encourage beginners and intermediates to excel in a fun and safe environment. Our courses take place in a freshwater lake known as the Clackamas River Cove in close proximity to our flatwater slalom gates. Gain valuable kayaking experience to apply to our Moving Water Immersion Course that takes the next step towards whitewater kayaking!

Moving Water Immersion, 1.5 hours, $49.00

Take the next step and paddle an individual kayak into the moving waters of the Lower Clackamas River. We provide inflatable kayaks, paddles, and lifejackets, or if you’re a graduate from our Hardshell Basics course, we encourage you to put your skills to the test in a hardshell kayak.

Skills covered include:

  • Proper stroke technique
  • River Reading
  • Peel-outs and Eddy-turns
  • Ferrying

Call ahead to reserve your spot any day of the week!

Kayak Rolling Class, 1.5 hours, $49.00

Ready to become a true white water paddler? A solid roll is the single most important skill a hardshell kayaker can develop. This course provides intimate instruction from our professional teaching staff who are dedicated to get you rolling quickly! This course is open to paddlers of all skill levels and is capped to a maximum of six participants, so reserve your spot today!

Available Dates: December 20th, January 3rd, January 8th, January 22nd. January 24th, February 5th, February 7th, February 19th, February 21st, March 5th, March 7th, March 19th, March 21st, and April 4th


All of our trips have a 72-hour cancellation and rescheduling policy for a full refund or to reschedule without a fee.  Rescheduling within the 72-hour window is subject to a $15 reschedule fee.  Day-of cancellations or no-shows are non-refundable.