Our Mission

eNRG Kayaking’s mission is to help you and your friends learn the sport of kayaking, hone your skills, and test your limits while minimizing risks and maximizing your fun! Our thorough curriculumn will increase your learning curve and get you on the water or on the podium in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. You will be empowered and inspired by our core tenents: Education, Exploration, and Stewardship.

Based in Portland, OR, eNRG is proud to be a leader in one of the strongest paddling communities in the country. As we teach across the state, throughout the Pacific Northwest, and around the country, it is our goal to continually serve and foster leadership in our river communities. Local classes and workshops combined with multi-day regional raft supported kayak trips prepare you for magical cross cultural experiences on our international trips. By being conscious about our environmental footprint and our impacts on local communities, we strive to seek understanding and to give back to the communities we visit. Our company is dedicated to the Japanese principle CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement) in all our activities.   If you are interested in getting involved, pick up the phone and call us– 503-772-1122!