Below are a few photos from a Swiftwater Rescue Workshop that Northwest River Guides conducted for the Oregon Whitewater Association in April of 2008.  This was one of the more enjoyable classes that I taught all spring, bringing together a diverse group of rafters, IKers and kayakers for some fun, safety and learning.  In the workshop Northwest River Guides teaches the fundamentals of rope rescue, mechanical advantage(such as the z-drag), whitewater swimming skills and basic rescue organization.  Northwest River Guides teaches on minimalist approach to swiftwater rescue, focusing on techniques and strategies that are ideal for recreational kayakers, canoeists and rafters.  We will be teaching several swfitwater rescue workshops in the spring of 2008, including a class in the Portland area during April 25-26.  Sign up now to reserve your spot in one Northwest River Guides’ most popular courses.  Call 503.777.1122 to register.