This year has been an incredible one for accolades.  The Portland Tribune sustainable life Magazine identified and awarded about 10 individuals to honor leadership and excellence in sustainability in the Portland community.  It was part of the Go Green Initiative that the city of Portland’s mayor Sam Adams has been advocating over the last year.  The ceremony was at the Gerding Theater in the Pearl, and I have to admit it was pretty cool to be included in this exclusive group.  It is cool to represent the paddling community with this initiative- b/c it really has had a pretty amazing impact.  31,000 lbs of trash pulled out of the river in 5 – one day efforts… a recycling, composting, community event in all ways… The Down the River Cleanup Art show put on by Riley was a huge success!  Our college tour the previous fall was also a huge success, had many “green” elements.  All these initiatives played into the committees decision to bestow the award to eNRG kayaking.

Kristin Dahl here on the right has been the major force behind the DRC since its inception and has been eNRG Kayaking’s sustainability consultant from the beginning.  She is my “Green Giant”.


And Randy White from is the real sustainability visionary, and another one of my personal Green Giants.  His revolutionary software is going to do a lot to bring communities together into the future… ride sharing, food cultivating, and energy conservation.  You gotta check out his site-