For me, this is what it is all about – teaching folks to kayak.  With my job I certainly have some tasks that I don’t enjoy that much – cleaning out the van, cleaning gear, entering class info into our database – but all of those tasks allow me to do what I really love: teach students to kayak.  The passion for instruction that we have here at Northwest River Guides is truly special.  We won’t try to sell you kayaks or gear and we won’t try to get you to take endless lessons.  Our only goal is for you to learn as fast as you can and have as much fun as possible.   We figure if that happens, you’ll recommend us to all your friends and then I’ll get to teach even more kayak lessons!  That would be awesome.  If you’d like to take a kayak lesson with Portland’s best kayak instructors, give me a call at the office, 503.772.1122 or check out our website.  I hope I see you on the water soon! -Dave


Northwest River Guides instructor Ben Liotta teaches the sweep stroke to a student.