Kayak Night at Next Adventure, Wednesday, April 15, SE Stark and Grand
7:15 Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

Hear great stories about whitewater adventures and multiday trips in some of the most remote areas of the Pacific Northwest.  Big waterfalls, remote canyons and the beautiful places captured by Sam’s photography will be the highlight of this presentation.  Learn several of the important lessons Sam’s received on these unique trips.

Attendees of this presentation can receive a 10% discount for NRG’s upcoming SWR Workshop (April 18-19).

We’ll then split up for two presentations, one for beginning paddlers and one for experienced paddlers.

7:40 All About Your Throw Rope w/ NRG Instructor Dave Hoffman

A throw ropes is the most basic tool of swiftwater rescue and a safety essential for every whitewater paddler.  Learn about the common usages, simple ways rescue your friends.  We’ll also discuss what length, material and type of throw bag is best for each types of whitewater enthusiasts.

7:40 Boat Buying 101 w/ Luke Spencer
For those looking to buy your first kayak we’re holding a first time kayak buyers clinic.  We’ll go over the basics of the different styles and uses of kayaks, from whitewater to recreational to multi-day sea-kayaks. You’ll also receive a 10% off coupon for the next boat you purchase!