Check out these pictures from our source to mouth Sandy River descent this spring.  As part of a tribute to the newly free flowing Sandy River, Sam Drevo Chris Emerick, and Ross Henry decided to run the entire River from the very top to the confluence with the Columbia River.  The trip took 3 full days and was about 45 miles.  We paddled the Sandy River from the very top (when it was barely a creek), starting about a mile above McNeil Campground paddling down past the Zig Zag River confluence, past the Salmon River confluence, we ran Alder Creek Rapid which had a huge breaking wave, and down through the Marmot Dam site, the Sandy River Gorge, past Revenue bridge, Dodge Park, down to Oxbow park, past Dabney, and Lewis and Clark State Park ending in the Columbia River taking out at Chinook Landing.  We shot video the whole way down and intend to produce a video documenting the descent and telling the story of the ever changing Sandy River.


This trip is optimal for inflatable kayaks, rafts, or kayaks.  We invited the marketing director for the Mt Hood Territory to experience the Sandy River First hand.


If you are interested in rafting the Sandy River, check out our website or call us at 503.772.1122

Professor of raftology Val Shaull, the marketing director of Mt. Hood territory and a friend from Czech who just finished a relay running race around the world called the blue planet run.IMG_4427