Wednesday night, the Oregon Whitewater Association held its February meeting at the North Clackamas Aquatic Park.  The OWA held their meeting at a pool so they could get some rescue practice ahead Spring and before their annual President’s Day trip on the Rouge River.  The meeting was also a prep for Northwest River Guide’s upcoming Swiftwater Rescue Workshop that we’ll be teaching for the OWA.  We has stations set up to cover knots, mechanical advantage systems, throw rops, and raft and cataraft flips.  It was an incredibly fun night  and time just flew by.  I really love teaching swiftwater rescue skills to folks and helping dispell a lot of the common false myths about whitewater safety.  Every spring I look forward to these classes and cannot wait for some more rescue teachin’ fun. – Dave

SWR Pool Class 05

Raft flipping exercises in the deep end of the pool.

SWR Pool Class 03

Throw rope practice.