Northwest River Guides will be hosting its annual Spring Swiftwater Rescue Workshop on April 25-26 in Portland, OR.  This is the best way to prepare for a safe season of whitewater paddling.  Designed for recreational kayakers and rafters, the NRG SWR Workshop is the most effective means of learned simple and safe whitewater rescues.  Northwest River Guides intregret techniques and traing from Rescue 3, the American Canoe Association, Wilderness Medical Associates and the American Red Cross to provide  students with the most comprehensive swiftwater rescue education possible.  NRG teaches this SWR class around the country and are the leading Swiftwater Rescue professionals in the Portland area.

Swfitwater Rescue  OWA Class

Setting up a tension diagonal in a Northwest River Guides SWR Workshop on the Sandy River outside of Portland, OR.