This is a photo of my good friend and kayaking buddy Josh just below Thrasher on Canyon Creek, WA.  What I like some much about this photo is the swirling water, dark and deep, yet white and aerated.  This is the kind of special, unique thing you get to see when you are whitewater kayaking.  In the isolated river gorge near Portland you can really feel how special these wilderness areas are.  Unfortunately, clear-cut logging caused a large landslide above where this photo was taken.  Now the gorge is filled with literally thousands of trees.  It is still possible to get down the river but much more dangerous and harder work.  Still, Canyon Creek remains one of my favorite places to kayak.  If you’d like to get started whitewater kayaking, give me a call at the Northwest River Guides office (503.772.1122) or check out our website. I hope to paddle with you soon. -Dave

PDX Winter 2008 00118

Could the water be any cooler looking?