Join NRG for an amazing slideshow presentation from legendary expedition kayaker Willie Kern.  One of the most accomplished and respected ambassadors to the whitewater paddling community, Willie has dedicated his life to exploring the natural world from the seat of his kayak.  As a member and leader of some of the most difficult expeditions in paddling history, such as the 1st descent of Tibet’s Tsang Po, Willie will share tales from decades of exploration.   His environmentally-conscious spirit has led him to join the Nature Conservancy’s Great Rivers Project, presently the largest Eco-Tourism effort in the world.  We hope to see you for an evening of storytelling and photography with one of the most inspiring individuals in the paddling community!

Willie will also be teaching a special class for NRG March 28&29.

When:  Thursday March, 26 @ 7 pm
Where:  Next Adventure, SE Stark and Grand

nujiang 021

Willie on a 150 mile first descent of the Salween River, SW China.