Whitewater Kayaking

Join us for a weekend of whitewater.

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Certified Instructors

All of our courses are taught by ACA, first aid, and CPR certified instructors who will give you essential safety tips to prevent injury.


Customizable Progression

Our 4 to 1 student-instructor ratio allows for progression based on your needs and interests. Call us for special offerings!


Find yourself

These classes are your gateway to a lifetime passion. Express yourself through paddling and become involved with the outdoor community!

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Bring lunch, sunscreen, warm clothing that can get wet, and water to stay hydrated. Make sure to check the weather before the event to wear appropriate clothing. Please have all party members sign online waivers prior to arrival to expedite the process.

The ability to book online closes 24 hours prior to the event start time. Online booking is also disabled when the event has reached capacity. Please call eNRG Kayaking at (503) 772 – 1122 to complete the booking process or ask for special accommodations.

We will provide credit, free rescheduling, or a 75% refund with more than 21 days in notice. Trips you cancel 14 days prior are subject to a 50% refund or credit, and cancellations occurring less than 14 days are non-refundable. We do not prorate tuition for days missed due to illness or injury.

Physical distancing will be maintained when possible. Masks will be worn when students are within 6 feet of each other. Temperatures willbe check on arrival and hand sanitizer will be available to wash hands both before and after meals. Equipment wil be washed after use. Parents will drive children to the river when possible to minimize shuttles. There will be no overnights.

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Whitewater 101 at eNRG kayaking is the perfect way to test the waters and jump into the sport of whitewater kayaking. This two day course is for total beginner paddlers who are looking to become familiar with basic skills, strokes, kayak selection/design, safety, and river hydrology.

Whitewater 101 classes will be based out of your Oregon City shop on the Willamette River. After outfitting students with gear, we will spend time going over basic skills and safety techniques on flat water. After lunch we will use our skills to run the lower clackamas (class I-II). The day will finish back at our shop with a debrief. Day 2 will consist of a longer run on a local stretch of river with a focus on further developing skills learned the previous day.

Skills covered: Safety concepts, wet exits, hydrology, body mechanics, basic strokes, bracing, edging, self rescue, eddy turns, peel outs, ferries, surfing, t-rescues

Whitewater kayaking 102 is the next step for our students that have completed our two day 101 class and demonstrate a basic understanding of skills and safety. This course will build on previously learned skills and incorporate the use of river features to help students effectively run rapids. Students will use paddle stroke techniques to surf, attain, and navigate whitewater. 

Whitewater 102 classes will be based out of Oregon City, river locations will be determined by current river levels. Day 2 will push students to further their skills and provide opportunities to achieve paddling goals .

Skills covered: River reading / advanced hydrology, fine tuning strokes and techniques, surfing, eddy turns, rolling, dynamic moves, advanced strokes.

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