Moving Water Immersion

Short Sessions

Why enrg?

Take the next step and paddle an individual kayak into the moving waters of the Lower Clackamas River. We provide inflatable kayaks, paddles, and lifejackets, or if you’re a graduate from our Hardshell Basics course, we encourage you to put your skills to the test in a hardshell kayak.

You may have to repeat this course multiple times to solidify your skills, or try a full day session. Perfect for those transitioning from flat water and recreational paddling to whitewater!


1.5 hours


Oregon City




$60 per session

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Skills Covered

River running stroke techniques, river reading skills, peel-outs and eddy-turns, river running boat control skills, crossing the river, and using the current to your advantage.


The trip begins and ends at the docks of eNRG Kayaking in Sportcraft Moorage (1701 Clackamette Dr. Oregon City) so come on down and visit us today!

Fun for all ages

We do offer tandem kayaks for a child to partner with an adult. Call eNRG Kayaking for accomodations regarding age, dependent on prior experiences.