September 7: Lower Gates Set Up + Clinic
October 19: Clinic + Practice Race

 Lunch included for all participants

Set up + Instruction

October 5
9 am to 4 pm


Instruction Only

October 5
1 am to 4 pm


Set up + No Instruction

October 5
9 pm to 4 pm


Call (503) 772 – 1122 if you need to rent additional gear.

Please arrive at Big Cliff Dam 15 minutes before your start time.

Whitewater slalom is a timed obstacle course consisting of gates to create a path to paddle through. Basic moving water competency is required. This clinic will give you the freedom of practicing the skills you want to work on with an instructor there to facilitate the process through providing slalom-specific drills targetting certain aspects of paddling. Improve your technical precision through increasing the level of difficulty while keeping the level of risk minimal. In the end, slalom is not about becoming a racer, they are about boat control. With boat control comes confidence. From this confidence, maybe you will become a racer; maybe you will become a creek boater. The point is, boat control not only allows  you to choose where you go on the river – it allows you to choose where you go as a kayaker. So come with eNRG Kayaking and let the gates be your gateway to the wonders of whitewater.

Call (503) 772 – 1122 for questions and reservations


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