Just recently eNRG Kayaking added a new boat to our fleet of kayaks, canoes and stand up paddleboards.  We purchased a large 35’ long voyageur canoe, aptly named “Willamette Falls Voyager”.  

A voyageur canoe was a canoe used to transport furs from the North West, across the Great Lakes to Montreal fur markets.  They could carry up to 3 tons of cargo and the men who paddled them were called Voyageur’s. These men were mostly French Canadians, they would paddle and portage up to 14 hours a day, taking breaks every hour to smoke a pipe.  Distances were often measured in pipes, and the voyageur had an incredible stroke rate taking 55 strokes per minute, although their paddles were much narrower than today’s paddles. Oregon City has its roots in the early fur trade with the Hudson Bay Fur Company building Fort Vancouver at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers.  The fort was built by John McLoughlin, the chief factor and superintendent for the Hudson Bay Fur Co. and later the founder of Oregon City.

  eNRG Kayaking will be doing group tours in our new addition later in the year, if you have a small group looking for a unique activity or a little team building join us for a trip to Willamette Falls with a side of history in the “Willamette Falls Voyager”

See our story in this newsletter about the trek of the “Willamette Falls Voyager” from the east to Oregon City.