Rapid classification is an important metric to set expectations for your river experience. These classifications are based on a combination of difficulty and danger, subject to discrepancies and individual perceptions. Use this as a guide to select a river trip that looks the most fun to you.

Class I

Moving water with riffles. Easy, clear route with minimal to no maneuvering.

Our Willamette River kayak and paddle board Tours and Rentals are perfect for this type of water.

Class II

Open passages of moving water with some small waves and rocks generally associated with a small elevation decrease. One or two moves required.

Our Scenic Half Day Santiam and Clackamas trips are perfect entry-points into whitewater paddling.

Class III

Narrower passages with irregular large waves rocks, drops, and eddies generally associated with a noticeable elevation decrease. Multiple precise moves required.

Our Santiam Whitewater Half Day stretch perfectly embodies the thrill of class III whitewater.

Class IV

Long and powerful rapids requiring precise maneuverability with little room for error. Large waves, holes, and rocks present significant hazards along with sharp elevation decreases.

Adrenaline Seekers will enjoy our Bruno Mountain Full Day and Deshutes Multi-Day adventures.

Class V

Long and violent rapids requiring complex and constant maneuverability with no room for error. Congested and steep routes create significant life hazards.

Class VI

Nearly impossible rapids for experts only. High risk when it comes to loss of life, not rafted commercially.

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