Whitewater Rafting
- Oregon -

Escape the city and embark on a white water rafting adventure on one of the stunning Oregon white water rivers! We are the go-to outfitter for white water kayaking and white water rafting in Oregon, with pristine locations on the N Santiam, Clackamas, and Deschutes rivers that combine adrenaline with beauty.

The N Santiam River is about 1.5 hours from Portland so it is one of the closest and best white water rivers to Portland.  We offer two different sections on this river for beginner and intermediate white water rafting. We currently offer trips on the lower Clackamas River which is extremely close to Portland (within 30 minutes) and a great escape to cool off in the summer heat.  There are 3 different sections of the Clackamas River that we offer, and the lowest section of the river is where we offer tubing in the summer

We offer multi-day custom white water rafting and Kayaking trips on the Deschutes River on the lower 100 miles near Bend, Maupin and the Columbia Gorge. Contact us if you have a group interested in a custom program for deschutes White water rafting.

Whitewater Rafting Trips Near Portland and Oregon City

Santiam River

Scenic Half-Day

Santiam River

Whitewater Half-Day

Bruno Mountain

Whitewater Full-Day

Clackamas River

Scenic Half-Day

Deshutes River

Whitewater Multi-Day

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