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eNRG Kayaking’s founders Sam Drevo and Justin Rae were able to run the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in September. This 226 mile, 18

As a mom in my (ehem) early 40’s…  there have been many birthdays and therefore, many birthday GIFTS.  It’s a season that begins to look

It began as an idea. It continued because of the kids. A chance to create a stimulating environment that builds hobbies and future employment opportunities.

This time last year we were planning our 20th year anniversary season and how we were going to celebrate that with the paddling community. It

My name is Andrew Hansen, and I am a “special agent” for eNRG Kayaking.  What does that mean? Well after running class IV whitewater with

December 2019 was not only the close of the second decade of Northwest River Guides LLC and eNRG Kayaking business ventures in Oregon, but it

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