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Hi, I’m Elijah Hiltebrand, I’m a 16-year-old whitewater kayaker. Since my mother married my stepdad Steve Gass when I was 6, whitewater has been a

I have been canoeing my entire life, a journey concluding at Junior World Championships in the Olympic sport of slalom which showed how multiple countries

Goat Island is home to native deer and heron rookeries. It is also home to invasive blackberries and ivy which seek to capture the island

With a promised heatwave in the forecast, I decided to hit the garage for a quick clean and organizing before the summer got too hot.

Whitewater slalom is a timed obstacle course consisting of gates to create a path to paddle through. On March 9, eNRG Kayaking, with the help

eNRG Kayaking’s trip to Ecuador started out with us being coworkers. It ended with us being so much more. From my very first step out