Youth Kayak Team

Where the river is your classroom.

Contact Information

(503) 772 – 11122

Why us?


Lifelong passion

Proper technique prevents injury and allows children and parents to join us on road trips all across the country.



Kayaking and certification courses builds risk management and leadership skills for employment opportunities.



Coached by former Team USA members, the Olympic discipline is slalom is great for fine-tuning skills while competing at local races.

Membership Plans

Bronze Plan

$ 200 Monthly
  • 8 short sessions
  • 1 video review
  • 10% off tours and retail

Silver Plan

$ 385 Monthly
  • 8 short sessions
  • 1 long session
  • 1 video review
  • 10% off tours and retail
  • 1 free two hour Oregon City Rental
  • 25% Companion Discount

Gold Plan

$ 550 Monthly
  • 8 short sessions
  • 2 long sessions
  • 1 video review
  • 10% off tours and retail
  • 2 free two hour Oregon City Rentals
  • 25% Companion Discount

Platinum Plan

$ 850 Monthly
  • 8 short sessions
  • 4 long sessions
  • 1 video review
  • 10% off tours and retail
  • 4 free two hour Oregon City Rental
  • 25% Companion Discount

Session Information


Short Sessions

Short sessions are 1.5 to 2 hour classes, predominantly taking place at our shop in Oregon City. These sessions include slalom workouts, roll practice, endurance training, surfing, and moving water immersion depending on the season.


Long Sessions

Long sessions generally last between 5 to 9 hours depending on the location and type of activity. These sessions add additional drive time for both instructors and parents and include river runs, slalom workouts, surfing, and intern practice.


Road trips

eNRG Kayaking will lead a variety of road trips throughout the year, ranging from family river trips, slalom races, and international travel. Road trips are not included in the membership plan, however, they may be subsidized by credit received from the session the road trip replaces.


Group Video Review

Video review will happen at team dinners. Team dinners are based on parent interest. All interested families will host at least one team dinner over the course of the semester, including food for the coach.


Individual Review

Once a month on Sunday, members with a Premium Package will receive a 30 minute private session. Students will have a chance to talk one-on-one with their coach, do video analysis, and/or spend some on-water time practicing skills that they need to work on.



eNRG Kayaking will run certification programs throughout the year to prepare children for internships and employment. Certifications include swift water rescue, first aid and CPR, and ACA instructor certifications.

Our Progression


Afterschool Program

A subset of the youth kayak team, this class builds technique for beginners.


Summer Camps

Enjoy a summer of week-long camps trying a variety of crafts!



Students, aged 16+ are eligible for possible internships.


Bring sunscreen, clothing that can get wet, and water to stay hydrated. Make sure to check the weather before the event to wear appropriate clothing for during and after the trip. Please have all party members sign online waivers prior to arrival to expedite the process.

The ability to book online closes 24 hours prior to the event start time. Online booking is also disabled when the event has reached capacity. Please call eNRG Kayaking at (503) 772 – 1122 to complete the booking process or ask for special accommodations.

We will provide credit, free rescheduling, or a 75% refund with more than 21 days in notice. Trip you cancel 14 days prior are subject to a 50% refund or credit, and cancellations occurring less than 14 days are non-refundable. We do not prorate tuition for days missed due to illness or injury.

Physical distancing will be maintained when possible. Masks will be worn when students are within 6 feet of each other. Temperatures willbe check on arrival and hand sanitizer will be available to wash hands both before and after meals. Equipment wil be washed after use. Parents will drive children to the river when possible to minimize shuttles. There will be no overnights.

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